When planning a vacation, many people would like to avoid locations that are overrun with tourists. It is possible to find beautiful destinations that are off the beaten path, either due to transportation issues or other mitigating factors. These five countries are considered safe and secure, meaning that you will have an enjoyable trip while exploring a new part of the world.


This tiny jewel of a country is located between Austria and Switzerland. There is no direct air access to the country: people must fly to another airport and drive in. Luckily, there are easy routes to drive from Switzerland or Austria. One of the reasons why Liechtenstein does not generally have tourists is that it is so small. Ski areas and castles are the best attractions. It can be a great trip for the entire family to enjoy.

Solomon Islands

If you’re looking for more sun and perfect weather, the Solomon Islands are a little-known corner of the South Pacific. This archipelago is located off the northwest coast of Australia and shares a border with Papua New Guinea. This island chain is most attractive to divers, though people who want to explore pristine South Pacific beaches and truly get away from civilization would also enjoy a visit.



Only two flights a week make their way to Tuvalu. There are little to no outsiders on the island at any given time, making it the perfect location for relaxation and seclusion. If you are looking for an island getaway that is even quieter than the Solomon Islands, Tuvalu might be the ideal vacation spot for you. Be sure to get enough local cash before you come to the islands since there are no ATMs and no credit card facilities.


This little-known African country has a safe reputation. While it is a poor country, it has many different natural areas that draw its few visitors. The Bijagós Islands are gorgeous, where thick jungle meets beautiful and sandy beaches. There are also wildlife opportunities abound and tropical adventures.


Mauritania is a place to experience the adventure of the beautiful Sahara desert. If you’re looking for a vacation full of adventure and unique experiences, this is the country to visit. In this hidden gem, visitors can venture traditional desert villages and ride camels through the desert. There are also gorgeous sand dunes and beaches with an incredible diversity of marine life. There is no shortage of things to try with the whole family.

Traveling to these five safe countries will give you an insider’s view of the world. Plan your once-in-a-lifetime adventure and visit areas very few outsiders have ever seen.

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