Traveling can be a difficult thing for some—sure, going on vacation can be a wonderful way to relax, but if you feel insecure about the money you’re carrying with you, it can quickly become a stressful experience. There are plenty of benefits to keeping cash on you while traveling (not feeling pressured to overspend, avoiding potential withdrawal and currency transfer fees, etc.), but this can also result in worrying about losing the money you have.

There are things you can do, though, to keep your money safe while traveling. We’ve spent some time compiling the different opinions of many travelers and have made a list of 3 Ways to Keep Your Money Safe While Traveling:

Use ATMs That Have Cameras

If you have to use an ATM while traveling, be careful. While traveling, many people have their details lifted by using ATMs that are in secluded areas and therefore aren’t protected. An effective way of making sure that your data isn’t stolen while using an ATM is making sure that the machine you’re using has a camera attached to it. This way, nobody can take your pin while you’re withdrawing money!

Put Passwords on All of Your Devices

This may seem like it’s not important, but making sure all of your devices have passcodes on them can be a great way to protect yourself. It’s commonplace for phones to have passcodes nowadays, but even giving your computer a code makes it impossible for someone to get in even if you lose it!

Have a Fanny Pack

This may seem like a piece of truly retro advice, but it doesn’t have to be. Despite what culture of the last 15 years has implied, fanny packs can be quite fashionable and—above all else—are truly practical. Keeping your money not only right in front of you, but accessible only via a zipper can be a great way for you to guarantee that nobody will pickpocket or otherwise try and steal any of your money. Don’t knock it until you try it!