One of the best parts of travelling to a new city is getting the chance to try the food unique to that city. This list of the top 5 cities to enjoy delicious cuisine were selected not only taste but cost of food, stellar street carts, and overall best rankings by tourists and locals.

Modena, Italy

This is the place you want to go if you want a true Italian meal. This province has been awarded the most ‘DOP’ and ‘IGP’ quality food certifications (meaning very good and very authentic food). Tortellino stuffed with meat is the dish they are known best for. You’ll also find sausages galore in this region with butcher shops owned for hundreds of generations back.

Vienna, Austria

If you’re a fan of dessert, Vienna is definitely the city to visit. It’s a place known for amazing coffee shops and lively wine taverns. Dessert is always served with a steaming cup of espresso and frothy milk. Traditionally a fruit strudel or decadently layered cake with liquor infused in it would be paired with it. Also, you’ll want to try their local meat dishes like schnitzels and hearty sausage stews.

Osaka, Japan

Jumping to the eastern part of the world, Osaka is home to some of Japan’s largest fish markets. The seafood shines in their cuisine in dishes like sushi and sashimi where it is enjoyed in raw or cured form. Japanese BBQ is another meal not to be missed here. At restaurants, you’ll typically find that the meat is grilled on a charcoal grill in front of guests.

Cape Town, South Africa

This is a town known for it’s meat and braai (bread). You’ll enjoy lots of grilled meats here. If you can find a place that sells traditional bobotie be sure to get it. That’s spiced minced lamb (sometimes beef) cooked with a layer of delicious eggy-creamy goodness on top.

San Francisco, California, USA

A city that embraces ethnic fusion in it’s cuisine, you’ll find some of the best Asian fusion meals in this city. Situated right on the bay, it also has a lot of incredible seafood to share including Dungeness crab, cocktail shrimp, and seafood chowder served in big sourdough bread bowls.

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