Travelers who are on a budget can visit some of the ideal vacation destinations for backpackers. These four backpacker hotspots are known for their low prices on food, lodging, and transportation as well as their budget-friendly attractions.


This Southeast Asia country has long topped the list of many backpacker travel destination reviews. Khao San Road in Bangkok is lined with guesthouses and other lodging facilities where backpackers can stay for amazingly low rates. Street vendors throughout Thailand’s major cities sell delicious authentic Thai cuisine for almost nothing. The country is also known for its many national parks and animal sanctuaries that charge low admission fees or allow backpackers to visit for free.


Everything from food and clothing to drinks and movie tickets can be purchased on the cheap in Guatemala. The rather compact size of Guatemala also makes it easy to get around this Central American country without having to pay a lot for transportation. The seaside city of Antigua boasts free attractions such as Devil’s Bridge and Valley Church Beach.


Once a formidable republic of the Soviet Union, this charming Eastern European nation has flourished with a culture of its own since gaining its independence. The city of Lviv is one of Europe’s best-kept secrets for backpackers and features unbelievably low prices on stays at quality hotels and meals at upscale restaurants. Lviv also offers a variety of music, cultural and outdoor activities that can be enjoyed without having to spend a lot of money. Other great Ukrainian cities for backpackers include Kiev, Odessa, and Dnipro.


Along with its budget-friendly pricing, the North African country of Morocco is known for its sprawling desert landscapes and massive public markets that sell all types of low-cost, practical goods and souvenirs. Backpackers who are on tight budgets can reserve beds in hostel dorm rooms without paying much. A camel tour of the Sahara Desert can be arranged for a reasonable price. Taxicab and bus rides in many of the major cities are also easy on the budget.

These travel destinations are perfect for backpackers who want to get out and see the world without having to invest a lot of money. Everything from essentials to leisure activities can be paid for in these destinations even while traveling on a shoestring budget.